1. New Velocitylab: coming soon…

    Dearest Velocitylovers! 

    Hard at work on the next issue of Velocitylab… You will not be let down! Stay tuned - the artists are coming in now… Interviews striking a nerve… 

    It’s true Velocitylab form.. and it’s on its way.


  2. The Velocitylab Interviews are updated! @thestargazerlilies @ringodeathstarr and so many more! #zine #interview #musicians #music #interviews #shoegaze #talent #inspired #artzine #art #blackandwhite #print #magazine #diy #online #artwalk #design #working #writing #rock #blessed #reading #tsokos #velocitylab #ink #punk #paper #articles #graphic #handmade #hardcore #literature #love #culture #collector #vintage


  3. Updated Velocitylab Interviews section…

    The Velocitylab Interviews page is being updated! Check it out - I hope you enjoy. There is so much talent covered in these pages…!


  4. A few copies of the zine’s first run are left!

  5. Coming to a public space near you. 

  6. Crazy talent continues in Velocitylab No8. Here’s another exclusive with @alberto_del_aguila


  7. Velocitylab No8 contributors!

    Quality printing. Low priced shipping. Tons of great art and musician interviews!

    Only $ 4.00

    Order below with confidence; PayPal and credit cards accepted.
    Orders ship out daily… Get ready for yr very own limited edition Velocitylab!

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    Interviews with:

    Featuring the art of:
    R.M. DRAKE



  8. Dearest Velocitylovers,

    I’m honored to present another amazing collection of artists, poets, musicians, creators and vandals of all kinds… here in the latest issue of Velocitylab.

    Click here for yr own copy: http://velocitylab.net/orderacopy

    Shipping orders daily…

    And… Here is my take on an old record cover; an homage to the old classics: Velocitylab ¡OCHO!

    x TSOKOS x

  9. Quality t-shirts now available at http://velocitylab.net/merch

    Here’s mine. Just getting back from the printer with issue No8. Stitching tonight. Shipping Monday. Get it now!

    x TSOKOS x


  10. Velocitylab merch now available!

    Lately I’ve been asked if I’d consider making Velocitylab t-shirts and other merch. Whereas I usually am much more conservative about those things, I started to entertain the idea of offering merchandise for my fellow Velocitylovers.

    I thought it might be like going to see a band who doesn’t have any merch to offer at the show. 

    Well, Velocitylovers, we’ve got a table set up over at Society 6 and hope you stop by to check out these quality products!


    I’m always thinking of ways to have fun with the zine and if you’re asking for new things with the Velocitylab brand emblazoned upon it, I am more than happy to oblige! There’s one in my closet too. And I’ll be wearing it proudly.

    x TSOKOS x

  11. Been very busy in between zine issues. Just published my novel, A Boy Named Medusa. Check it out HERE!

    But stand by…. Velocitylab No8 is under way. Some great contributors - you’ll be happy!

    x Cheers! x


  12. All Velocitylab Back Issues Now Available Online

    Hey Velocitylovers!

    The Back Issues page is totally updated. Check it out:

    I’ve got every issue - starting with the classic No1 all the way through No7… I’m working on the latest and thought It’d be great for you to have them all at yr fingertips. Enjoy! And spread the word…. Looking forward to seeing yr beautiful faces soon.

    x Cheers! x

  13. Yr mortal ears can’t catch this Galaxy Cat.

  14. A little over 2years ago, I printed the first issue of #Velocitylab. Working on #8 and so happy to know - and collaborate with - so many amazing people along this path. Here’s a detail of the first cover.

  15. yesthesentimentalist:


    #TacocaT! Love these guys. And love this pic. I Need to talk to them for an upcoming issue. Whaddaya think?